Stories from the Veld

Stories from the Veld

After writing more than 20 books on subjects ranging from mountaineering and hiking, to safaris and even a wildlife encyclopaedia, the “walking enviropaedia” of Africa has turned his talents to writing paperbacks. “I never felt like I was a real writer until I had my first paperback published,” he admits.

The first was Running Wild: The Story of Zulu, an African Stallion (Jacana Media, 2017). It relates the amazing story of a real horse, a black Boerperd stallion that went runabout from a horse safari camp located at Mashatu Private Game Reserve in the Limpopo Valley of south-eastern Botswana.

Several years later he was discovered running as the alpha stallion at the head of a wild zebra herd. He was recaptured and returned to the safari fold, he was a very different horse – wise in the ways of the bush and survival – from the one who first went AWOL.

Thus was born the series “Stories from the Veld”. The second in the series is The Game Ranger, the Knife, the Lion and the Sheep (Jacana Media, 2018), a collection of stories about 20 curious characters from southern Africa, present and past.


His most recent addition to the series, Of Hominins, Hunter-Gatherers and Heroes: Searching for 20 Amazing Places in South Africa (Jacana Media, 2019) is written in the same engaging style as The Game Ranger, and takes readers on an unbridled ride through a bucket list of must-see places in SA.