Running Wild Media Launch at Mashatu Game Reserve

This weekend we head off to Mashatu Game Reserve for the media launch of Running Wild. Those who can tell the front end of a horse from the rear will be going on an out-ride into the Tuli bush were Zulu, the horse that became a zebra, roamed free for several years.

That, of course, is the matter of the book. In many ways though it was his life after those years of running free that are the most interesting. Zulu came back a much wiser pitse than the one that escaped in the big storm of 2000. He learned survival smarts from his zebra herd and also the use of bush muti which he passed on to Limpopo Valley Horse Safaris, knowledge they use still to control African horse sickness.

And now for a word from one of the sponsors: the 30 media, book store managers and VIP guests will get to enjoy the fruits of Painted Wolf Wines, courtesy of the generosity of winemaker Jeremy Borg who is a passionate supporter of wild dog conservation. During his time there Zulu would have seen wild dogs and they play their part in the story.

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